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As a graphic/web designer I am experienced in the whole designing process from creating to print finishing, editing and publishing the web and advertisement material. E-marketing and social network management are the latest additions to my over 10 years career in the Design and Communication industry. I am a passionate self-tough photographer and I’ve got experience as a product photographer.
My graphic design work includes logo design, brochures, pattern templates, catalogues (see http://issuu.com/home/publications), magazines layout, flyers, posters, banners and advertisement for newspaper and magazines, in digital and printed formats. Here just a few examples.


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One of the latest addition to my design skills during the past 5 years, is pattern making for the carpet and rugs industry. NOTE Some of the artwork below belong to Source Mondial NZ Ltd or have been used for commercial purposes and therefore are subjected to copyright.

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When designing websites, my goal is to deliver web pages with a clean and modern look based mostly on images and photographic backgrounds.
Service includes logo design, pages design, product, profile and event photography as a website content, website management.

Latest work:

http://sourcemondial.co.nz/, design, content photography, management, powered by NeroMotion, November 2016
http://sisal.co.nz, design, content photography, management, October 2013 – ongoing
http://sourcemondial.co.nz/, design, content photography, management, June 2012
http://mollyn.co.nz/, design, content photography, management, July 2012


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My graphic design experience includes the design of catalogues, books covers and magazines, released in digital and printed formats, for which I am often the author of the content photography. Here just a few examples, to see the latest publications visit http://sourcemondial.co.nz/catalogues/

Back in Italy and in the past five years, in Auckland, I’ve been dealing with a number of New Zealand magazines, submitting full page advertising and collaborating to product placements.