Dry leaves, cane, bark, lead the composition onto over recycled canvasses.
Glue, gold and silver highlights, staples, nylon thread and acrylic colours help to combine the elements together. The resin is used in the final stage, to conserve the natural beauty, like a piece of history through display glass. Fixing Nature on canvas and making an art object out of it, it’s for the future, for the memory of it, in the worst futuristic view of a totally non-green environment.

But still these works are vulnerable, fragile, ephemeral themselves, we don’t really know how long they are going to last.

The process to the final art product takes few hours to set the canvasses and layering, and up to 24 hours to completely dry up. When the artistic composition is done and the acrylic is dry, the canvas is bordered with tape, which will be taken off after the resin has dried. The edge of the artworks are therefore uneven and roughened by the way the resin has dropped and dried. Hanging the artworks unframed it’s suggested to maintain the bold texturing feeling and its concept.