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I was born in Italy, where I completed an Art Diploma, a Certificate in Graphic Design and a Certificate of Communication for Business and Cultural Image. After working as Graphic and Magazine Designer between 2000 and 2005, I left for my gap year in Australia and returned to the Pacific one year later to visit New Zealand, where I eventually settled in 2007.
I have got over 15 years experience in Graphic Design, both overseas and in NZ. For the past 6 years and currently, I’ve been working as a graphic/web designer and product/In Situ photographer for a Rug Design Showroom in Parnell, Auckland.
In my spare time, I also like to take part of the group and no-profit exhibitions with concept artworks and to volunteer or exchange my design skills in social/wellbeing/conscious projects and small businesses.
And I believe there cannot be good art without mastering the art of contemplation.
Francesca Gallo – Art/Photography/Design, 2013 NOTE: Photos ALL RIGHTS RESERVED because they include third part or because they are being already used for commercial purposes. Feel free to ASK for any photos from my galleries for your USE, and we’ll go from there

“As our in-house dedicated design and branding specialist, Fran brings her wide-ranging experience in theoretical and practical skills in the analysis and design of franchise branding. She also has practical skills and knowledge of computer operating systems design and implementation. A gifted designer, she is responsible for the branding and print presence of BASE Franchise and all our franchise clients.” Base Franchise Ltd, Auckland 2011

2009 wear yoga clothing (part of 2009 collection)
2009 Paris Boyfriend
2010-2012 Molly N
2012-2014 Lucy Mae’d 
2014 Hair Organics

2000-2002 Studio Diseno, Italy
2004-2005 Grafica&Idee, Italy
2008 Electric Printing, NZ
2009-2012 Ezeeye Ltd., NZ
2010 Big Room Ltd., NZ
2010-2011 Base Franchise Ltd., NZ
2010-2013 Molly N Shoes & Clothing, Auckland – NZ
2012- to present Source Mondial NZ Ltd., Auckland – NZ
2014 – 2015 Micron Security, Auckland – NZ

2011 Photographer at
2011 Event photographer at Pink Noise art Exhibition – Auckland
2011 Event photographer at Kitchen Things, Newmarket – Auckland
2010-2011 Commercial photography for Base Franchise Ltd., NZ
2010-2011 Product and fashion photography for Molly N Shoes & Clothing, Auckland – NZ
2012 to present Product and In Situ photography for Source Mondial NZ Ltd., Auckland – NZ

2010 featured artist and photographer in vol.2, 2010
2010 listed in pag.20-21
2010 Exhibition Cicci Festival Photo Contest “mio non esiste”, Italy
2010 Legato Exhibition, Cassino Italy
2011 2nd Pink Noise Art Show Night at Roasted Addiqtion – Cafe – Auckland
2011 Nz Art Guild Collaborative Project, Mairangi Center – Auckland
2011 “Sister connection” is displayed at Project CONNECT Global EXHIBITION by Big – Auckland
2011 MILLIONAIRE PM: A Political Performance/Art Series: # 1 – Auckland
2012 Nature:Art+Design, Opening Exhibition – Newton, Auckland
2014 “Strike” Art Exhibition by Amnesty International Aotearoa

2007 moved to Auckland, New Zealand
2018 currently living in Auckland, NZ